CLINIVITA PCO 60 Tablets for antioxidant cell protection, to strengthen vein walls and improve blood circulation

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Who would have know, when seafarers set out for long voyages in the 18th century they were sure to come down with Scurvy,  a disease resulting from a lack of Vitamin C, as transporting Oranges for 6 months without a Fridge was simply not an option. Early symptoms include weakness, feeling tired, severe leg cramps and sore arms and legs. Without treatment, decreased red blood cells caused veins in the legs to swell and even rupture. Accepting the wisdom of the Red Indian tribes' medicine men when arriving in the "New World", lead to folks chewing on Pine Bark and crunching Grape Seeds, and - simply speaking - saved their lives. 

In the mid-20th century Science has finally proven that substances found in Pine Bark and Grape Seeds are powerful and natural Antioxidants and help the body to eliminate harmful free radicals that can cause cell damage, thus preventing many related health issues.

Our CLINIVITA PCO Tablets provide unsurpassed antioxidant cell protection  through a high concentration of standardised Proantho-Cyanidolic Oligomers (PCOs). These plant based bioflavonoids are extracted from Grape Seeds and Pine bark and are amongst the most potent Antioxidants found in Nature.

The benefit for your health is clear; by eliminating harmful free radicals that can cause cell damage CLINIVITA PCO Tablets improve your General Health, your blood circulation and strengthen your vein health. 

This product is certified HALAL, Vegetarian suitable and is registered in Malaysia: MAL08111928T

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CLINIVITA PCO Tablets memberikan perlindungan sel tak tertandingi antioksidan dari stres oksidatif sel pada tingkat molekuler melalui tingkat tinggi standar Proantho-Cyanidolic kimia polimer (PCOs). Ini murni tanaman berbasis bioflavonoid kimia polimer yang diekstrak dari kulit biji anggur dan pinus dan antara antioksidan yang paling ampuh yang ditemukan di alam, dan memanfaatkan kulit dengan menghilangkan radikal bebas yang berbahaya yang dapat menyebabkan kerusakan sel kulit. Terdaftar di Malaysia: MAL08111928T


CLINIVITA PCO片 提供卓越的抗氧化保护皮肤细胞免受氧化应激对细胞分子水平通过高度标准化的Proantho Cyanidolic Oligomers(PCOS)。这些纯粹的植物为基础的生物类黄酮的低聚物从葡萄籽、松树皮提取在自然界中发现的最强效的抗氧化剂,并通过消除有害的自由基,可以使皮肤细胞损伤皮肤受益。在马来西亚注册:MAL08111928T

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