About Us

CLINIVITA develops bioactive solutions for a Healthier Life, focusing especially on Cardio-vascular health, Diabetes and Skin health.

Our Goal is a Life Free of Non-Communicable Diseases. We are a German Family Business with over 25 years of experience in Biotech, Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals.

Harvesting only the purest Marine, Alpine and Tropcial ingredients and manufacturing high quality products at pharmaceutical extraction- and quality standards, CLINIVITA products provide unsurpassed quality and health benefits.

The CLINIVITA research team combines latest Japanese and South Korean biology research with traditional German biotechnology and know-how to formulate the latest in bioactive health- and cosmeceutical solutions at exceptionally high standards. These bioactive solutions are clinically tested, certified Halal by JAKIM in Malaysia and - if possible - vegetarian certified by the UK Vegetarian Society, and can significantly contribute to your health, wellbeing and appearance. All our products are cruelty free and are not tested on animals.

Manufactured under German production license and pharmaceutical manufacturing cGMP processes quality, CLINIVITA products meet all international safety and quality standards. 


Made in Germany    Vegetarian Society Approved     Halal Certified by Jakim Cruelty Free- Not tested on Animals

Certifications CLINIVITA Manufacturing