Ingredients: "Marine Placenta" - Salmon Ovary Peptides

Placenta is the fetal placenta to grow the fetus. It contains ample amount of Growth Factors which promotes cell division. This function in the Placental Growth Factor activates the metabolism and rapidly repairs skin and injured body parts. In modern times, Placenta has been patronized by Hollywood stars who work with well informed anti-ageing doctors, movie stars and many famous people as “the medicine of longevity”, as it have been reported since ancient times. Placenta has also been formulated in anti-ageing skin health products, as well as being a top choice by well informed aesthetic and medical institutions in Japan, which has proven the high degree of its effectiveness.

Placenta can effect all parts of the body from deep inside; it rejuvenates the skin and body from the cellular level.  Although the time it takes to see it’s effects and the degree of rejuvenation depends on people, most who start to supplement with placenta realizes it’s amazing effectiveness to a large degree.

Placenta and the Human Skin

The effects of placenta is varied, and reaches every cell of the body from the inside. The location in the body, the degree of effects vary from person to person, however, it has been reported that the weakest body parts show the fastest improvement. The effects to the skin are not only limited to the epidermis, but to the deepest part of the skin, dermis. In other words, it works to repair the most difficult conditions, such as wrinkles and scars. With the use of expensive beauty potions, only the tiny friction of its components reaches the dermis, which is not enough to reverse wrinkles. Placenta makes this possible, because after being absorbed it works from the inside of the body. Of course, the effect is not only notable on the facial skin but the entire body, especially also the back of the hands. It promotes the turnover of the epidermis, to reduce discolouration, hyper-pigmentation (melasma) and dullness, creating a bright and fresh skin look.

Placenta produces collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid in the dermis. This, at the same time, gives the skin elasticity and firmness, and creates a firm skin which maintains moisture better and longer. As a result, major visible aging skin issues such as wrinkles, scars and large pores are reduced, and made into finer texture. Placenta is also effective on Acne skin.

Placenta is so effective because it is full of important active ingredients that promotes health and beautiful skin. Nutrients such as vitamins and minerals, nucleic acids, enzymes, mucopolysaccharides, active peptides, and amino acids, plus Growth Factors, which is the most powerful component that placenta is characterized by.

Common sources of Placenta for Cosmetics

Commonly used in placenta cosmetics are extracts from sheep, cows, pigs, deers, horses as well as human placenta. Mammalian based placenta, however, especially derived from cost, sheep and pigs are at risk of being contaminated due to foot-and-mouth disease, SARS, MERS and BSE. 

Atlantic Salmon Placenta Ovary Peptides

A Japanese Firm found out that Salmon Placenta is almost as effective as Pig Placenta.

Salmon Placenta is extra rich in pure and natural collagen and skin moisturizing oils, and is more effective and easily absorbed by the skin. With the help and under the supervision of a Japanese University, researchers conducted several clinical studies on Salmon Placenta from the deep sea species  Salmoniformes Salmonidae and found out that Salmon Placenta's molecular weight is only 600-800 Dalton, compared to animal Placenta's molecular weight of far over 1,500 Dalton, making it easier to absorb and penetrate into the dermis and blood stream to provide superior longterm result. 

Atlantic Salmon (Salmoniformes salmonidae) peptide is rich in natural collagen and elastin, and contains 18 types of amino acids.

Free of BSE, foot-and-mouth disease, SARS, MERS and BSE and other animal diseases associated with land animals used for harvesting placental ingredients, Salmon Placenta is the most suitable Skin Health ingredient to visibly support reduction of skin ageing effects and to improve the appearance of skin.

The scientific research team behind CLINIVITA and partners in Japan research Salmon Ovary Peptides in various areas for human health.