Our Vision

KL Active as brand owner of CLINIVITA is a member of the German KL Group of Companies. We stand for an 85 years long tradition of delivering only the best quality "Made in Germany". To ensure finest quality, efficacy and affordability of our products, we strictly adhere to our three Core Values.

"We belief in a Life Free of Non-Communicable Diseases"


KL Active stands for "Quality in everything we do", from research to manufacturing to quality control and customer after-sales care. We ensure the best possible quality by keeping our core capabilites and processes in-house, ensure full traceability and standardisation of all our ingredients.



We re-invest approximately one quarter of our total profits to conduct clinical studies that test and ensure the safety and efficacy of our products and their natural bioactive ingredients. Our products go to market only after being rigorously clinically proven and tested.



Our goal is to ensure a "Life Free of Non-Communicable Diseases" for as many people as possible. To achieve this goal, all our processes are streamlined and we do without classical marketing to keep prices as low as possible.