CLINIVITA Marine Placenta Scar Reduction Concentrate 15ml for the visible reduction of Scars from acne, injury and surgery

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Cruelty Free - Not tested on Animals

Face it, having scars suck. Even if everybody is telling you “What? It can hardly be seen” – YOU can see it, every time you look into that hated mirror. But hold on, you don’t have to … all you need to do is activate the skin’s stem cells to start repairing itself as per the original “blue print”, the way your skin is supposed to look. Easier said than done, you think? No its actually straight forward when using our clinically proven CLINIVITA Marine Placenta Concentrate. Softens, lightens and flattens scars visibly within only 3-4 weeks. 

CLINIVITA Marine Placenta Concentrate is a concentrated bioactive Skin Health Formula with the highest concentration of purified Atlantic Salmon Ovary Peptides  and skin stem cells activating Growth Factor Concentrate (GFC). It is clinically proven in Germany to help to visibly reduce scars from acne, injury or surgery. Growth Factor Concentrate derived from Cow's colostrum (first milk) activate the skin's stem cells and Salmon Ovary Peptides stimulate the body's own collagen production for best results. And no, it dosen't smell fishy at all, promised. 


CLINIVITA Marine plasenta berkonsentrasi adalah Formula bioaktif kesehatan kulit sangat terkonsentrasi dengan konsentrasi tertinggi dimurnikan Salmon plasenta ovarium peptida dan sel-sel stem kulit epidermal mengaktifkan faktor pertumbuhan berkonsentrasi (GFC), teruji secara klinis di Jerman untuk membantu terlihat mengurangi bekas luka dari jerawat, cedera atau operasi. Tersedia 15 ml dengan kaca pipette untuk aplikasi on-the-spot yang mudah. Sementara Marine plasenta merangsang produksi kolagen tubuh sendiri dan perbaikan fibroblas, GFC menyediakan IGF 1 (Insulin-seperti) dan EGF (Epidermal faktor pertumbuhan) yang mengaktifkan sel-sel stem kulit yang berada dalam lapisan basal.



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