CLINIVITA Marine Collagen Plus 60 Capsules for better Joints and Skin

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Cruelty Free - Not tested on Animals


First Truth about Collagen supplements:

There are many Collagen supplements in the market and online. Many promises remain unanswered because against the common believe, when you take collagen orally you actually do not absorb collagen. Collagen is broken down in your stomach in various amino acids that your body can use to make new collagen. As collagen peptides are sensitive to stomach acid, many are being destroyed before converting into amino acids. Protecting collagen peptides with a strong acidic antioxidant like e.g. Alpha-lipoic acid can help to increase the absorption rate significantly.  So, you want a collagen product that also contains a strong antioxidant like e.g. Alpha-lipoic acid.


Second Truth about Collagen supplements:

The most widely available source of collagen is animal bones, like from chicken, pig and cow. These are cheap as the bones are a waste product in the meat industry. The issue with these as source is that these are often mixed, and, religious believe aside, often contain pesticide and fertiliser concentrations as especially farmed animals eat these with their fodder. The best source for collagen supplements is fish. Free from pesticides and fertilisers, but for farmed fish often at high antibiotics concentration to keep infections in farmed fish down. So, you want a collagen product from a wild fish like cod, salmon or any hunting species that does not want to be “fed” with fish pellets.


Third Truth about Collagen supplements:

Collagen specifically helps for skin or for joints. Collagen comes in 5 different types, type 1 is taunted to work for your skin and type 2 for your joints, etc. Once converted into amino acids and absorbed into your body, your body actually decided where collagen is needed the most and mostly in a non-selective way, your body’s own collagen production is fuelled. The good news is that if your skin is dry and wrinkly, your body’s own collagen production can help to make your skin more supple and moist. If your “shock absorbers” between the joints (especially in your knees) are weakened, your body’s own collagen production can help to improve joint flexibility and joint pain. So, you want a collagen product that provides a good and large quantity of pure collagen for easier absorption.


CLINIVITA Marine Collagen Plus Capsules are indicated for general health and provide the optimal dose of Alpha-lipoic Acid (ALA) and in perfect synergy with hydrolyzed Marine Collagen, a pure and concentrated source of marine protein from the skin of deep sea cod fish that significantly boosts collagen levels in the body for improved skin health and improved structural skin flexibility. Halal certified and available in 60 vegetable Capsules. This product is HALAL certified and registered in Malaysia: MAL06030884X


CLINIVITA Marine Collagen Plus Capsules diindikasikan untuk Kesehatan Umum dan memberikan dosis optimal dari Alpha Lipoic asam (ALA) dan secara sempurna sinergi dengan terhidrolisis laut kolagen, sumber protein laut dari kulit laut dalam yang murni dan terkonsentrasi cod ikan yang secara signifikan meningkatkan tingkat kolagen dalam tubuh untuk kesehatan kulit perbaikan dan peningkatan struktural kulit fleksibilitas. Halal bersertifikat dan tersedia dalam 60 kapsul sayuran. Terdaftar di Malaysia: MAL06030884X


CLINIVITA 海洋胶原蛋白加胶囊  可用于一般健康和提供α-硫辛酸(ALA)的最佳剂量和水解海洋胶原蛋白完美的协同作用,纯浓缩从深海鳕鱼,显著提高改善皮肤健康人体内胶原的含量及改善皮肤弹性皮肤结构海洋蛋白源。清真认证和60个蔬菜胶囊。在马来西亚注册:MAL06030884X

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